Monday, February 15, 2010

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Disclaimer: I get all my books from the library.

Today's book is The Forest of Hands and Teeth, by Carrie Ryan. 

This was my first zombie book, and I found it quite fascinating. It had a bit of an "I Am Legend" feel to it, but it's very different. I'd heard that zombies were the new rage, and I had wondered how on earth zombies could be interesting.

This book is definitely interesting. Mary and her village live in small clearing surrounded by zombies, people who have died from a zombie bite and come back to life, hungry for more people. Mary begins to uncover secrets from the Society of Sisters, and realizes that they're hiding something from her people. Besides that, she also falls in love--with someone who is not her betrothed.

The book started out with so much potential. There was so much going on. And then it all went flat. Without giving too much away, the secrets are never fully explored, nor is the love relationship. Well, it's explored, but Mary's character proves herself far too easily bored to maintain a relationship. Mary struck me as a self-centered person incapable of truly loving. I didn't like her. The elements of the story that reeled me in fell short of expectations.

Read it for yourself and see what you think. I give this book a C.

A = Buy this book NOW
B = Buy this when you can
C = Check it out from the library
D = Don't bother reading it
F = Burn it


  1. I've been wondering about this book. It got so many good reviews, but I don't like scary stuff. Is it nightmare scary or just tense?

  2. *not* nightmare scary! Just tense. Doesn't read like horror at all. I can't do horror.