Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Miracle Wimp by Erik P Kraft

Disclaimer: I get all my books from the library.

Today's book is Miracle Wimp by Erik P. Kraft.

Take a look at that cover. If you are thinking that this book looks perfect for a 13-year-old boy, you are right. I glanced through it, thought, "Cute," and stuck it in my bathroom.

And that was the perfect place for this book.

This book is hilarious. I did not anticipate liking it as much as I did. Each chapter is about a page long, and full of funny teenage thoughts. They're not vulgar, hateful, rude, or anything like that. Actually, the kid is thoughtful and funny. Very funny. The drawings cracked me up too.

There's not like a central plot, but it goes through this kid's school year, his junior year of high school, I believe. I thought this book would not appeal to me. I was wrong.

If you have a teenage boy who doesn't like to read, this book is perfect. And you can steal it when it's bathroom time, too.

I'm giving this book an A.

A = Buy this book NOW
B = Buy this when you can
C = Check it out from the library
D = Don't bother reading it
F = Burn it 


  1. Sounds like bathroom reading. lol. And there's nothing wrong with that hehe.

  2. I'm always looking for books for my 10-year-old boy and he rates funny very high. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. The title reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

  4. It's great to find new "boy" books. Thanks for the recommend.

  5. Love your approach to reviews. Will definitely have to check out this book.

  6. Thanks for the review! As my nephew is growing up, I am having to keep my out for books just like this. That cover is fantastic.

  7. I bet my 11 year old daughter would love this. Maybe a stocking stuffer. :)