Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Fatal Child by John Dickinson

Disclaimer: I get all my books from the library.  

Today's book is The Fatal Child by John Dickinson.

This book is the third in a trilogy, but it is also very much a stand-alone. I didn't read the other books. I felt no need to. I'm not sure how much information or history is pulled from them, but this book was quite clear.

It's medieval fantasy, though I couldn't tell if it was based on Earth or a fictional place. I found it in the library in the YA section, but I would consider this book adult.

I most liked Melissa, a main character in the book. She's a peasant girl whose parents are brutally murdered by knights. The king takes pity on her and she becomes the princess's maid. She is also in love with the king, and she stands by quietly while the princess marries him and then betrays him.

Though the story is only told from the princess, Atti,'s POV a few times, the book is about her. And this is probably why I didn't like it. There is nothing to like about Atti. Everyone loves her because she is beautiful, but she herself says she is poison. And she is. She destroys everything she touches.

The book was very brutal and uninspiring, though full of historical fascinations. It was interesting, though it took about halfway for it to grab me. And in the end I felt disappointed.

I give this book a D+.

A = Buy this book NOW
B = Buy this when you can
C = Check it out from the library
D = Don't bother reading it
F = Burn it

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